We strive to ensure everything is perfect for your next event or promotion, and logistics plays a big part in that. When you are short on space to store merchandise for your upcoming promotion or event, we can arrange for warehouse space in your region for qualified programs.


  • We manage scheduling and delivery of your promotional items as needed to make your programs run smoothly.
  • We work with our manufacturers to ensure your product ships accurately and on time. We research the best carriers and the best routes to your location, making certain you get what you need, when you need it.
  • We provide complete documentation to our warehouses prior to shipping (packing slips, pallet labels, and bill of lading) so your merchandise arrives safely and your receiving team has what they need upon arrival.
  • From the smallest package to the most complex order, we give it the same attention to detail.
  • We understand how critical communication is to our customers, which is why we provide status updates each step of the way, including carrier, tracking, ETA, and advance copies of the packing slip for your files and so you know what is inbound and what you can expect at delivery.
  • We like to think of ourselves as an extension of your team, and that is why every member of our staff is trained in all aspects of logistics. You can rest easy and turn your valuable attention to other things. It is our goal that every order is completed seamlessly and we will work out any challenges that you need us to overcome in order to provide you with exceptional service.